The Art of Sine Qua Non

Sine Qua Non's New Book: The Art of Sine Qua Non

The Art of Sine Qua Non – $190

Manfred Krankl’s art book featuring the art of the labels and offer letters over the years.

A relatively hefty, cloth bound, hard cover coffee table book that measures about 13 inches by 9.5 inches and is comprised of some 250 pages of beautiful paper.

It starts out with a foreword by Elaine (who knows more about the craziness at SQN than she does?) titled “BEHIND THE WALL.”

This is followed by “REFLECTIONS” on the formation and history of SQN by Manfred.

Then there are several chapters ~ “ACTS” we call them ~ on the progress of SQN:

ACT 1 “INCEPTION” (1994 – 2002)
“OCCASIONAL ROSÉS” (all the rosé labels)

These are the labels for the various projects we have worked on, the labels that we like but that ended up not being used on bottles and the labels that were rejected by the pleasure police.

Of course, the book has to close with a chapter of hearty THANKS to the many who inspired us, supported us, encouraged us, believed in us… all the wonderful folks without whom this book would not exist.

Thank you in advance for the anticipated order of yours. We hope and believe you’ll like the book as much as we do. Quite honestly… as a true SQNer you really can’t be without it.